ASSOMET Servizi S.R.L.

Assomet Servizi Srl has been founded in 1989. Its mission consists in:
– Supplying support services to promote, on Italian and European basis, the knolwedge and the use of non-ferrous metals;
– Organising and managing specific activities for industrial companies, such as statistical elaborations, feasibility and economical studies;
– Publishing bulletins and reports on technical, economical and standardisation issues concerning non-ferrous metals;
– Carrying out market and information studies for companies involved in non-ferrous metals;
– Organising congress and seminars on technical, market, economical and standardisation issues, to improve the competitivity of non-ferrous metals industry.

Assomet Servizi is highly involved in the activities of the Italian Standardisation Body for non-ferrous metals and alloys (UNIMET), and well used to interact with EU Technical, Economical and Standardisation Bodies.