Inova Lab S.R.L.

coordinating beneficiary since 01/04/2015

InovaLab is a spin-off company of Padova University, founded in 2004 by two researchers of the Department of Electrical Engineering, with a long experience in the field of Electroheat applications. University of Padova has a long tradition regarding research activities in the field of Electroheat and in particular in the filed of induction heating and hardening. The laboratory of Electroheat of Padua (LEP) has been founded more than 50 years ago and nowadays is one of the most outstanding research centers in Europe in this field. In 2008 InovaLab was acquired by SAET Group s.p.a., an outstanding italian company active in the manufacturing of induction heating systems.

The mission of InovaLab include technology transfer to industry and the development of innovative processes. The development of new processes by using modern simulation software, specific laboratory testing, and taking advantage of high level team skills, gives to INOVALab a unique role in this field.The realization of prototypes of electromagnetic devices to verify the reliability of numerical codes through experiments. INOVALab is the R&D center for many companies; co-operation is the main word used in INOVALab. The customer is a partner and INOVALab is not only a supplier but a real R&D center outside/inside the customer facilities, with skills, tools, instrumentation and personnel which can be involved in the projects.

Different skills, one team:
-Electroheat processes
-Electrical machines
-Electromagnetic sensors and actuators
-Automation and Power electronics
-Material science and engineering
-Electromagnetic compatibility

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