Seat S.P.A.

Coordinating beneficiary until 31/03/2015

Founded and established in Leinì (Turin, Italy) in 1966, Saet Group SpA is a worldwide leader in design and manufacturing of Induction heating production solutions.
SAET core business is related with classical applications of induction heating treatment technologies (metal foundry and hardening) however the company is successfully exploring new technologies that might revolutionize the material processing for some crucial application segments. Overall, induction heating can represent a forefront technology that shall contribute to development of new higher performance and lower embedded energy materials. At this, induction power transfer shall enable a radical change of paradigm in electric energy distribution and deployment. All technological developments brought about by SAET aims addressing energy and environment challenges in order to reduce the impact on climate changes and provide the material processing industry with new, reliable, affordable and energy efficient manufacturing tools. Since 2009 Saet Group has been actively supporting the United Nations Global Compact. UNGC is a both a policy platform and a practical framework for companies committed to sustainability and responsible business practices.

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